About me

I'm passionate about creation and learning of anything, and this website is created to share some of results :) I believe that any person can learn almost anything with some desire and efforts. But no one can learn everything! Hence, there is a need of careful time management and prioritisation. So, I appreciate sense of purpose and spacious mind.

My occupation is software engineering and I have wide experience among IT technologies. However, my general interest is cognitive science. In addition, I like neurobiology, physics, other scientific fields and business processes. My hobbies are 3D modelling, learning foreign languages, reading, coins and minerals collecting, riding bicycle, cookery, drawing, travelling, photographing.

Here you can find my IT experience and CV.

Everyone has dreams, goals. Mine are: realisation of my potential and achievement of something exciting, great, useful for the world.

My knowledge of languages:

My photos of nature:

Nature 1 by AivanF.
Nature 2 by AivanF.

My photos of cities:

Cities by AivanF.

My models My model of a book My model of a chamomile flower Displacement ball
A spathiphyllum vase flower on a window sill