About me

I'm passionate about creation and learning of anything, and this website is created to share some of results :) I believe that any person can learn almost anything with some desire and efforts. But no one can learn everything! Hence, there is a need of careful time management and prioritisation. So, I appreciate sense of purpose and spacious mind. Everyone has dreams, goals. Mine are: realisation of my potential and achievement of something exciting, great, useful for the world.

I work in IT and startups (here is CV). I love many sciences and desciplines (cognitive science, biology, psychology, philosophy, higher math, quantum and astrophysics, linguistics, business, design). Other hobbies: 3D modelling, writing, foreign languages (I know a bit of spanish, german, turkish), reading, watching movies, series, collecting coins and minerals, riding bicycle, cookery, photographing, I also have experience of spiritual and meditative practices.

I always wanted to understand myself, people and the world holistically, from all points of view. It can be difficult, because there are things both beautiful and nasty, pleasant and painful, shocking, both grandiose and insignificant, very right actions, and stupid or evil... And this is all one life, sometimes even a single person. One doesn't exclude the other. I like to see, comprehend and accept all this diversity.

Of course, this is not easy, for many realism is identical to pessimism and antonymous with positive, so people go to extremes of either rose-colored glasses or sadness. However, I see here not a dilemma, but a path to the better, in the unity of sensuality and composure, romanticism and pragmatism, positivity and realism, objectivity and constructiveness. It is difficult, but it allows you to be stronger, to act more mindfully, to be closer to everything and everyone. In a sense, more to live.

My photos:

Nature 1 by AivanF.
Nature 2 by AivanF.
Cities by AivanF.

My models My model of a book My model of a chamomile flower Displacement ball A spathiphyllum vase flower on a window sill TSL: ThunderStorm Lightning Factorio game mod