My IT experience (CV)

I strive to grow in server systems architecture and DevOps, but I have wide experience among different fields and technologies, which is useful for project and team leading:

✔️ Web Development (Back end)
Python: Flask, Tornado, Django, Google App Engine, aiohttp
WebSockets, Jinja2, Gunicorn, Celery, RabbitMQ
Server system administrating:
Bash, FTP, RSync, SupervisorD, SystemD, NginX
Custom VPN networks, DNS servers
Monitoring: NetData, HTOP
DBMSs: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Google BigQuery, FireStore; MapReduce

✔️ DevOps
Ansible, Docker Fluent with git,
Unit testing, Selenium, CodeCov, Travis CI

Front end
HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Maps API

Mobile Development
Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android

Software Development
C, C++, C#, Java; OpenMP, Qt, Visual Studio, Xamarin MonoDevelop

Computer Graphics & Game Development
OpenGL v4.1, 2D & 3D, GLSL shaders, GM:Studio 2

Data Analysis & Machine Learning
SQL, Python + NumPy, Pandas, SciPy

Hardware, devices
Raspberry Pi, video monitoring with BNC/IP cameras

Besides software development, I have other useful skills:

✔️ Development of information systems architecture
taking into account all the prospects for further development

✔️ Writing technical documentation
for fast and comprehensive navigation in projects, UML

✔️ Team leading for harmonious and effective work

SEO, contextual and retargeting advertising
Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Vk

Graphics & Design
Adobe Photoshop, Blender 3D (my works), basic sound & video editing

Specific works, jobs, events
Yandex: analytical tools developer
Aug 2019 — Current

Yandex is a multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related products and services. Also, it is the largest technology company in Russia with more than 11k employees.

I work in a team that develops tool which are used by analysts in different departments, I also deal with inner DevOps and corporate MapReduce system.

Python 2-3, Cython

Data Analyst & Full Stack Developer at RuBeacon
Jan 2017 — Jul 2019
The company has a few hundred corporative clients over Russia and nearest countries. However, there are only a dozen persons on the IT staff, thus each one is highly important. I do different things: 1) Development and support of corporative analytical system for automatic reports generation (Python 2.7, Google AppEngine, Google BigQuery, JavaScript). 2) Creating more specific and detailed reports for describing a company in general, or for marketing campaigns (using spreadsheets, SQL, Pandas). I also created reports and presentation for management of McDonald's Russian department. 3) Development of integrations between different DBs and 3rd-parties services for retrieving new, or applying existing data (Python 3.x, Flask, PostgreSQL, MS SQL). 4) I tutor students from NSU HSE: for two years a had over 30 trainees.
Oct 2018 – Feb 2019

My attempt to create a service for people searching by photos. In general, this was not a bad trial: I had several dozens of processes on multiple VPSs and a real dedicated server, which every day and night handled dozens of photos of dozens of people. In technical terms, the work was not simple, I had to implement parallel synchronized work of many processes on different machines, the fastest possible search for people and the processing of photos from VK. Implementation details are given in the description on the GitHub page.

Here I used Python 3, MySQL Server 8 (because v5.7 doesn't have binary operations I used), and a lot of automatisation for SSH work.

Open on GitHub

Bachelor of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science at National State University "Higher School of Economics"
Sep 2014 — May 2018

Studied most of Computer Science areas, including math (discrete mathematics, lineal algebra, calculus, probability theory and statistics), different IT technologies (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, neural networks, OpenGL, Selenium, algorithms, data analysis with R, Pandas) and some other subjects: projects management (agile software development, UML, economics, team leading), psychology of personality and social, philosophy of science.

Course description

Jan 2018 – Feb 2018

3D scene based on OpenGL with lots of features! There are many different shaders, textures, models and text handling, fog, lights, normal maps, shadows, torus generation, particle systems, screenshots, etc. I used low-level OpenGL interface, C++ and Objective-C programming languages, and native Mac OS techniques.

Open on GitHub

Lemuras data analysis library
Mar 2018 — Current

A small pure-Python library to deal with big tables (both 2.7 & 3.x are supported). It has all the common features, lots of supported formats, and many detailed examples. And all these stuff have been regularly updated for more than a year! Also Travis CI and CodeCov are used.

Open on GitHub
Open on PyPI

Courses catalogue of a school
Feb 2018

This is an iOS app with Courses description catalogue of Moscow school 1329. It is written in Objective-C and uses many native technologies.

Open in AppStore
Open on GitHub

WebSocket Testing Engine
Jan 2018

This is an HTML5 based tool for unit testing of online systems with WebSockets.

Open description
Open application

Own 3D engine
Nov 2017 – Dec 2017

Simple 3D engine using Qt, C++ with different algorithms and solids generating (own implementation, w/o OpenGL)

Open on GitHub

TacticToy — logical game for iOS, Android, HTML5
Nov 2016 – Jun 2017

Much improved version of XO game. I've developed all the stuff: HTML5, native iOS, Android apps, web server with Python and concurrent Tornado framework for both HTTP and WebSocket connecting.

Open article

GMapsTable: cellular data overlay for Google Maps
Jun 2017

This JS module allows to dynamically visualise data on Google maps.

Open article
Open on GitHub

Business Security, Institute of Security Problems at National State University "Higher School of Economics"
Sep 2015 — Jun 2017

We studied areas, technologies and methods of different aspects of business security, including physical, technical, cyber, economical and legal security. Also, we explored interesting cases and experience of advanced companies.

Course description

Translating Semantic Networks to UML Class Diagrams
Nov 2015 — Sep 2016

My first scientific paper, it was presented at KES-2016 international conference at York, United Kingdom.

Article on Elsevier ScienceDirect
Conference website

Coursework: Program for Newton's Interaction Modelling
Dec 2014 — May 2015
The program models heavenly bodies with gravity interaction. It was rated as one of the bests works of the year.
Digital artist
Aug 2014

The program procedurally generates different paintings.

Open article

Eternal War game project, WarHammer 40.000
RTT game: Eternal War
Dec 2012 — Jul 2014

It was my first really big project! Our team consisted of many highly skilled people with different points of view, there were thousands of our subscribers. Sadly, the project was not completed, but anyway it was a great work and brilliant experience of development and especially of team leading.


SECON 2014 conference
May 2014

I participated the event, where many employees and managers of different large IT organisations shared their knowledge and experience. It had greatly broadened my view of many IT areas.

Conference website

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