Destiny Garden

Destiny Garden is a tactical RPG 2D computer game made by myself. I started it in high school, developed some draft and forgot for years. In 2019 I accidentally met this draft and found that the gameplay is really exciting! So I started working on this project again on my leisure time, but this time I had MUCH more experience.

I also invented and wrote game world & history, lots of features, a big and detailed plan for playable characters, nations, weapons, and skills. As of August 2020, the game is ready for 60%. The game is translated in Russian and English, contains 70+ weapons, 40+ talents-awards, and 4 different nations. What remains to do, is mostly quests system with quests themselves, many graphical improvements, and lots of minor issues. Unfortunately, this game won't have any multiplayer mode.

Plans for weapons, May 2019. Now all these things are done, some are replaced.

Here is a YouTube playlist where you can find old and fresh videos of the gameplay: