My apps of school years

I started trying to create programs since 11 y.o, but I learned programming only in several years, while created many video game and kinda beautiful programs, most of them were just drafts, but some are worth sharing :)

Tech's War

Small, but engaging online game. Control a cool tank, destroy enemies, improve your vehicle, and try to survive as long as possible! The game has 3 languages (English, German, Russian), 2 kinds of enemies (kamikaze helicopters and shooting airships), and several types of supply boxes. The program requires a Google Chrome browser.

Color abstractions

You can look endlessly at fire, sky, a working person, and at this xD animation. It was the first time I worked with shaders. Requires a Google Chrome browser.

Virtual artist

Drawing with programs, the synergy of technology and art, I was very fascinated about it, so I created a program that draws quite complex images. You can learn more about it and see other results here.

Abstraction art Abstraction art


Just a gravity engine :) Blue circles don't move, but do attract, red balls gracefully fly (they can be placed and directed by left clicking) and smash green targets (they can be created with right clicks). This is a good illustration of physical laws and Chaos theory.