TacticToy – Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

TacticToy — is a new incarnation of ultimate tic-tac-toe game. Here you can change dimension and depth of game board creating custom desks!

The game contains any mode you may wish: here you can play with bot on chosen difficulty or with friends through Internet or on a single device. Also there is interactive rules description.

The following versions are available:
  • play online
  • download iOS app
  • download Android app

  • TacticToy game rules are quite simple:
  • players move in turn;
  • in first move a player can move anywhere;
  • every next turn current player can move only in a block relative to the previous move of enemy.
  • More details here.

    The game is available in 8 languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish (Mariela Alvarado), German (Anastasia Tulupova), Romanian (Aliona Pachi), Ukrainian (Mykhailo Pidtereba), Vietnamese (Dat Le).