Ultimate tic-tac-toe — game rules description

TacticToy game board is a tic-tac-toe game board with the same boards in each cell. But how to play that? To win in a small board you have to make a line of three same signs. And then you get a bigger sign! To win the whole game, you have to achieve even bigger sign.

TacticToy screen

However, it's not so easy, because small boards aren't independent. Most of the time, you can move only in single, highlighted region which is chosen by the last move of your rival. Here is an example:

First player can go anywhere.
game example

If you goes in the left middle cell of any block, other player can move in any cell of left middle block.
game example

And if the opponent goes in the right bottom cell,
game example

then you can move only right bottom block:
game example


What are dimension and depth? TacticToy game board contains different levels, its count is depth (tbh, count - 1, first level isn't considered). Each level sides of fields are multiple by dimension. So, usual tic-tac-toe game board is 3^1 desk, and ultimate tic-tac-toe size is 3^2:

3^2 board

But TacticToy allows you to create desks of any size. An interesting option is 2^3:

2^3 board

The rules here are similar. You need to get the biggest sign, the signs send players according to their positions, also the more a sign is the bigger field will be available to move.

To see a live example, play TacticToy right now!